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Island challenge proves no job is too difficult

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Published on: March 7, 2013

Some jobs are easier than others, but Just Shutters’ willingness to take on any challenge (well, within reason) has left one customer on the Isle of Wight delighted with their new plantation shutters.

“Many other companies had in fact turned down the job. They just didn’t want to know – it was too difficult,” remembered Just Shutters Founder, Chris Rocker. “But all of our franchisees love a more challenging project as the results are even more rewarding! The customer’s home really is fabulous and the gorgeous views it offers are matched by the unique architecture. The customer wanted shaped plantation shutters fitted quite high up into the sloping ceiling of their penthouse apartment.

“After going over to provide a quote, we got on well with the owners and won the job. Things were made slightly trickier because the shutters had to be put in place at an angle at a height of about eight feet. They are activated by remote control to moderate sunlight and heat, because, at that height, they couldn’t be reached otherwise.”

“The feat is made all the more impressive by the fact the job was completed in just one day. “If the job would have taken longer then the price would have been too high for the customer, so we had to make sure the job was done and dusted in a day. It was a very long day, I must admit,” he smiled.

Because the job provided a challenge, Chris wanted to be there to help ensure that everything went to plan. “I’ve every faith in the quality of the work carried out by our network, that goes without saying, but where quotes or jobs are more complicated, I’m always willing to provide hands-on support to members of the Just Shutters franchise.”

Taking on jobs that other companies are unwilling or, more often than not, unable to do is just one of many factors that helps to ensure that Just Shutters retains a leading position in the market. Chris added: “Together our commitment to extremely high quality products and exceptional customer service enables members of our network to not only to win orders, but also to be able to charge a premium price, because we are a premium brand that is totally focused on meeting the customer’s needs.”

Based on feedback from more than 400 customers, Just Shutters has an enviable rating of 9.9 out of 10 on the widely trusted website.

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