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Ringtons put their money where their mouth is

Published on: August 19, 2013

Mobile tea and coffee franchise Ringtons are so confident in their business that they are now offering an unprecedented level of financial support for new franchisees.

The new fee structure opens the franchise opportunity up to a significantly wider audience with the initial franchise cost being just £5,000. Ringtons will then fund the remaining £10,000 which franchisees can repay through an increased monthly Management Service Fee (MSF) over four years.

“Some may see this as a bold move for the business but, in actual fact, it’s the result of careful analysis of the network and the returns that existing franchisees have seen on their investment. We’re confident in the business model and we’ve seen the proof for ourselves. Several of our franchisees who took out personal loans to fund their franchise fees have already paid them back in their first year of trading. Our initial thoughts were, who needs the banks? Once we realised this was something we could genuinely offer to people, there was no going back,” explains Jon Malton, Managing Director at Ringtons.

Ringtons doesn’t just deliver first-class products with exceptional customer service, it’s now one of the most exciting business opportunities available! In addition to the financial support now being offered, Ringtons continues to give new franchisees 1,800 new customer orders from day one as part of their standard start-up package, delivering tea, coffee and complimentary products to their customers’ doors on a regular basis.

“We’ve chosen to make our franchise as accessible as possible for as many people as possible. We firmly believe that everyone deserves the chance to be their own boss and this is how we can help people achieve that dream. In my role, I see first-hand that raising the finance required for a franchise fee can sometimes be daunting. This way, we’re literally investing with you because we’re so sure of your success,” adds Chris Clarke, National Franchise Manager.

With over a century of industry experience to draw from, new franchisees are being offered the opportunity to replicate Ringtons successful 100-year old formula in their local towns and communities, building a profitable business through personal service and excellent customer relationships.

As part of the fully comprehensive training and launch package, new franchisees are guaranteed a minimum of 1,800 new customer orders from day one. The package also includes an exclusive territory, in-depth training programme, £3k of stock, a 3-month deposit on a VW caddie van plus all the equipment needed to successfully launch and run the business.

You can find out more about the Ringtons franchise by calling Chris Clarke on 0845 671 1907 or visiting