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Businessman Scott Enjoys New Hands-on Career

Published on: September 16, 2013

After just two months since start up, Scott Gosbell owner of Revive!West Londonhas hit all of his sales targets and is delighted with the way his mobile SMART repair business is going.

Revive! specialises in repairing minor scuffs and scrapes to vehicle bodywork and alloy wheels and  has the largest accredited network of smart repairers in theUK.

Originally fromCoffHarbourinNew South Wales,Australia, Scott (37) moved toLondon eight years ago to be nearer his wife’s family. His career to date has been spent in business and finance, latterly working as area support manager for the Big Yellow Storage Company.

“The time was right for a change” said Scott. “I’ve always enjoyed car detailing and have an interest in cars and the corporate life was beginning to wear me down. Instead of always having to meet other people’s targets I decided I’d far rather set my own and work towards building a profitable business for me and my family.

“After years spent behind a desk the idea of getting stuck into a real hands on job that has proven potential for substantial growth appealed to me. The Revive! business model allows owners to develop a multiple van operation which is exactly what I want to do.”

Being based in West London Scott has been working on some top of the range cars. His first job was on a brand new Mercedes SL500 and last week  he repaired minor scuffs on a £278,000 Bentley Mulsanne.

In addition to getting national account work from Revive! head office Scott is growing his customer base by word of mouth and talking to interested passers-by as he works.

“Most of the time I am painting cars on the owners’ driveways so get chatting to people who are walking by. As an estimated 50% of all cars on the road today have some sort of minor bodywork damage most of the motorists I speak to are interested to know more about the SMART repair technique and how much it might cost to have their car done.

“It’s brilliant –going to work is something to look forward to again. No two days are the same, I get to meet new people all the time and this new challenge is exactly what I needed.”

Revive!’s customers include car dealerships, fleet operators and private motorists. Smart repair is a quality, cost effective and time-saving alternative to taking a vehicle to a bodyshop for minor paintwork repairs. Costing far less than most insurance policy excesses, the work is fully guaranteed and carried out at a time and place to suit the customer, minimising vehicle downtime and protecting the owner’s no claims bonus.

To contact Revive!West Londontelephone 0208 2265150.