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Mike Knowles - Bio

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Published on: January 20, 2014

Senior Franchise Consultant/Coach at MatchPoint Franchise Consulting (Hants)


Meet Mike…

If you are not sure if a franchise is the right opportunity for you, a talk with Mike will help!



What is Mike’s experience?

Mike began his working life in the Royal Navy and remained in that career until retirement 30 years later.  As an officer he felt privileged to have served his country both at home in the UK, and overseas in NATO and Joint Service appointments to military headquarters in Hong Kong, Italy and Gibraltar.

His highly successful military career gave him valuable life skills and considerable managerial, advisory, communication and people skills, which ultimately enabled him to achieve his dream of running his own show – becoming a franchise business owner!

Mike immersed himself in his new life, reveling in the excitement of building his business and working with his clients.  He says: “I learned something new every day and the harder I worked the more fulfilling life became.  It wasn’t long before I found myself not just marketing and promoting small to medium-sized businesses, but advising the owners how to work smarter, not harder.  Clients became friends and I enjoyed the mutual trust that became the foundation of lasting relationships – so many clients told me that although they liked what I offered, they really invested in me!  That was always music to my ears.”

He learned much about running a successful business and just as much about the importance of finding the right franchise – and franchisor – and about the key ingredients of mutual respect, sense of ‘team’ and ‘all of one company’.


So, with all that experience, how can Mike help you?

Mike has valuable experience in owning and operating franchise businesses for a few years and realising the benefits of franchising, as he says: “I could never go back to being an employee!”

He has been where you are now. He has felt the fears and resolved them. The doubts and concerns you are experiencing Mike has too, but found the way forward, and wants to share his success, and passion for franchising, with you. Mike adds that: “I sincerely believe that, based upon my personal experience and insider knowledge of the franchise industry, owning a franchise is the best way to become a successful business owner.”

Mike is a fully certified and trained consultant with the MatchPoint consortium of franchise consultants.  Many, if not most franchise owners, find happiness in a business they would never have selected by themselves without the assistance of the unique service that is MatchPoint.  His mission is to coach you through the maze of franchising, so that you find, not just the business that best suits your skills, but also, the franchise that will provide you and your family with the quality of life you deserve. 


Just A Few Of Mike’s Testimonials

Andrew D

“I came across Mike on the Officers' Association networking spreadsheet. He successfully reassured me that a franchise is a viable, enjoyable and life-changing way to make a living. His constructive encouragement was invaluable in leading me to decide to apply to be awarded a franchise opportunity.”

Stephen K

“After initial scientism about franchising I was taken through a very professional process by Michael and am now embarking on a new career franchising.”

 Paul L

“Michael is a true gentleman and is extremely conscientious in his efforts to achieve the right results for his clients. I would highly recommend him, and MatchPoint, to anyone looking for help in choosing a franchise.”

Mark W

“Michael is an excellent coach. Extremely professional and consistent, whilst at all times knowing his subject matter. He is an extremely good listener and tailors his responses and recommendations based on the feedback given. His style is very conversational and he has a knack of bring you back on track. I would definitely recommend Mike to anyone needing coaching in his area of expertise.”

Lorna B

“Helping businesses grow by the development of strong relationships and good connections.

Mike worked hard to find the right franchise for me and in this time he worked diligently and patiently to find just the correct venture that really suited me. He is highly professional and knows his business well. I would genuinely urge anyone thinking about buying a franchise having a chat with him and I have no hesitation in recommending Mike.”

Rachael C

“Michael is highly professional, reliable and business savvy. I found the work he did with me on reviewing the franchise market extremely valuable.”

John G

“Michael is thoroughly professional in executing his role but aligns this to a style that combines genuine interest with integrity.Michael deals in an area where it is essential that you can implicitly trust his advice as decisions reached do have life changing outcomes.I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.”

Mark F

“I worked with Michael during my search for a franchise. I found him to be exactly what I needed in order for me to complete my search. Not only is he knowledgeable and helpful but also a decent bloke to know. I would not hesitate to recommend him”

Joan E

Mike guided me through the process of buying a franchise after I contacted him through Matchpoint. He is fantastic to work with, nothing is too much trouble and he is very professional. Mike certainly made me feel that he cared passionately that I found the right franchise and spent a lot of time making sure I did. If anyone needs help to change their life and be master of their own destiny I would recommend contacting him.”

David B

“Michael Knowles is a tremendous resource for anyone considering a business or franchise for themselves. As a professional consultant with MatchPoint Mike has the knowledge, the connections, and the resources, that most people looking into franchises for themselves wouldn't. What also sets Mike apart is that he acts with a lot of integrity and will always do what is in his clients’ best interest. What matters most to him is his clients’ success. My franchisor and I are delighted to be partnered with Mike as he understands exactly what a white collar franchise is looking for. Operating in such a dynamic and ever changing industry requires a certain skill set, and Mike Knowles somehow knows the people who are right for each franchisor. Thanks for everything Mike” 

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