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Baby Swimmer graduates to Swim School

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Published on: February 3, 2014

Lily Morgan joined Puddle Ducks, a baby swimming school, in September 2004 when she was only 6 months old. Ten years later, Lily has graduated from Puddle Ducks, having completed every stage of the Puddle Ducks programme and has continued her love of swimming by joining a competitive swimming club.

Sarah, Lily’s mum, has always loved swimming and along with three of her friends was looking for an activity to do together with their babies.  When they discovered Puddle Ducks, they all joined together and a made a real social event of it.  Over the years Sarah has taken great pride in seeing Lily develop into a great swimmer and along the way has really appreciated the support and dedication of the teachers who have worked so closely with them – Tracy, Ali, Jo, Jen and James.

When asked Sarah what her highlights were, she said “I’ve loved seeing Lily hit key milestones, developing from being a baby with me in the pool to me sitting on the side proudly watching her first deep end swim, completing her first length and enjoying her end of term races.  I don’t like having water on my face so it was fabulous to see Lily enjoying having the watering can poured over her head when she was a toddler! “The teachers are also brilliant – you can tell that they really like the children and it’s great that they are in the water, engaging them with the Puddle Ducks songs.”

For Lily, the best thing about the classes has been being in the deep end on her own and timing herself whether it be when swimming lengths or holding her breath. Now that Lily has completed her Puddle Ducks journey, she is continuing her swimming and has joined Crewe Flyers where she takes part in galas.  Sarah has noticed a change in emphasis, with Lily concentrating on speed and lots of lengths rather than technique  “I’m so glad that we went to Puddle Ducks where Lilly learned her technique and to enjoy being in the water”.

Tracy Townend, Puddle Ducks Co-founder and Lily’s first teacher said: “One of our main goals at Puddle Ducks is to instil children with a love of swimming for life. Lily is the first Puddle Duck to complete every stage of the Puddle Ducks range of classes and it’s so satisfying to see that what we do has a real impact on people’s lives.  Lily’s now 10 and still really loves swimming – we’re all really proud and wish Lily the best of luck – perhaps one day, we’ll be cheering her on as she swims for Team GB!”

We’ll leave the last words to Lily “I just love being in the water – even when it’s raining and I’m in the sea in Wales! Swimming is my favourite thing and I want to teach at Puddle Ducks one day!”

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