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David Dixon Case Study

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Published on: March 4, 2014

I am a qualified Chartered Management Accountant and prior to joining TaxAssist Accountants worked as a Group Financial Controller for a large motor dealership group based inColchester.  Prior to that I had many years experience within the small company sector including several years as a director of the family motor dealership business.  I also spent a year working in the Stock Exchange following qualification.

 I joined TaxAssist Accountants in November 2002 opening my first shop in October 2005.  I opened my second in 2007, based purely on the success of my first shop.  I opened my third shop in 2010 and a fourth shop in February 2012. I’ve found that the shop front produces pretty much all the volume of new business that we can handle, putting the business in its best position yet.

With the increasing maturity of our own organisation structure, we took the decision to sell our Colchester shop this year and reinvest the proceeds into a new shop inBrentwood. This has the advantage of a more convenient location for us within the original Bishops Stortford territory. It has also enabled us to buy a long term lease for the fist time which should provide us with long-term income in the future. The new shop opens in January 2014.

In response to the increase in business I now employ five full-time accountants and an administrator between the four shop fronts and have taken on an apprentice too.  I was initially wary of taking on people unless absolutely necessary but I found that it’s clearly the way to go if you want to grow your business.  The last thing I want is to have to turn business away so to cope with demand and to maintain good client service the team is absolutely essential.

With four shop fronts, it’s important to put some thought into how to manage them all at the same time. Bishops Stortford is the main office and the three other shop fronts run on a leaner basis as satellites of the main business, with one person dealing with clients’ accounts day to day, letting me come in as required.  The rate of development with TaxAssist Accountants is strong – there’s a great deal of potential there for franchisees.

As my business has grown, I’ve continued to make use of the training and support on offer from theNorwichbased Support Centre.  TaxAssist Accountants have provided me with an incredibly comprehensive training package that included a six-week course that focused on all aspects of running a business. The training taught me new approaches to accounting while reinforcing what I already knew.  It gave me the confidence that I would be able to bring success to the business - refocusing my existing skills to ensure I had a full understanding of the TaxAssist Accountants’ model.

I was initially attracted to TaxAssist Accountants because of the significant support – the whole package is incredibly solid and I found it very reassuring.  In fact, since I launched the business in 2002, in many ways the support has kept on getting better.  TaxAssist Accountants are dedicated to their franchisees and their advice and guidance is very clear, to the point and incredibly helpful.

I can now report that at Winter 2013 I have a total client base of around 750 with a turnover of around £450k.  Net growth in fee bank continues at a steady pace.


David Dixon

Bishop’s Stortford, Brentwood, Ipswich & Epping

November 2013

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