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A flood of excellent customer service

Published on: January 5, 2016

The recent floods have devastated large parts of the UK and Rainbow International franchisees have been on hand to provide restoration and cleaning services to people whose homes have been destroyed in the floods. Rainbow International know that they are recognised for their excellent customer service and have been rewarding their franchisees for upholding the brand values and supporting families who have lost their homes to flooding just a few weeks before Christmas.

Rainbow International have recently awarded David Bowles, a Rainbow International technician, and Scott and Diane Elliot, Rainbow International franchisees, with ‘Excellent Customer Service Awards’ to recognise their efforts in helping to restore and dry out homes with care and compassion.

Rainbow franchisees know how time sensitive flooding can be and that a fast and timely response is essential. With the flooding well under way, Rainbow International were on hand in Cumbria with a temporary office set up to ensure that they were close by to restore homes affected by the adverse weather conditions. 

Rainbow International is the leading supplier of restoration and commercial cleaning services and part of global franchising giant, the Dwyer Group. With over 80 locations in the UK, they are the number one company dedicated to providing domestic and commercial restoration and cleaning services. The business offers you the chance to build a long-term, profitable management franchise and enjoy the benefits of an established and trusted brand.

David Bowlesrecently responded extremely quickly to a flooding emergency and his customer was extremely impressed with the service they received. David was given a glowing testimonial for the manner in which the emergency was dealt with.

“We were very impressed with the speed at which Rainbow responded. The Rainbow team was here until gone midnight that evening and they worked hard, quickly and efficiently to assess damage, limit further damage and start the drying process. We have no doubt that, were it not for such a swift response, the extent of the damage caused would have been much greater. They carried out the job with professionalism, efficiency, sympathy and much-needed good humour,” customer of David Bowles.

When franchisees join Rainbow International, they know that their services will always be in demand for commercial cleaning services and when disaster strikes. They join a brand associated with professionalism and outstanding customer service. Their customers know that their home will be treated with care and consideration and know that Rainbow International will always be on hand to respond to natural disasters.

You can get more information about the Rainbow International franchise opportunity by calling 01623 675185 or visiting​