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Puncturesafe UK

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Under Pressure? Don’t be!

Start your own successful business with Puncturesafe... the great tyre safety system

  • Flexible start up package at £2998 + vat for the stock only.
  • No management fees or royalties - a stock only package with exclusive territory.
  • A postcode exclusive wholesaler/installer business, which will give you a good income that will cost you nothing but the price of the stock.

About us...

Operating from our UK headquarters in Exeter, we manufacture and distribute a unique high grade puncture preventative for all “on road” and “off road” vehicles, “touring caravans” and “trailers” that is outstanding at sealing punctures.

We have developed our range to offer a comprehensive array of products for all vehicle owners across the UK. The Puncturesafe formulation has undergone development under every type of condition. No one does it better because no one matches the Puncturesafe commitment to research and development.

Since the establishment of our business, we have grown at a phenomenal rate and the demand for our product has grown so much that we are now offering Regional packages to suitable licensees to distribute or install our high quality products to businesses and individuals in their own exclusive operating territory. We simply cannot cope with servicing the UK market place ourselves and wish to focus entirely on just manufacturing this unique product. Now is your chance to become part of this growing business, by investing in a Puncturesafe business...

Royal Mail... Because of the unique attributes of our sealant, Puncturesafe UK, a former supplier to Royal Mail had three times been awarded either one or three year contracts that had run consecutively, to supply Royal Mail with permanent puncture prevention for their fleet of 32,000 vehicles.

The Benefits of Investing in Puncturesafe

  • Can choose to install, sell to fleet, or set up installation centres
  • Low start up costs
  • Very low overheads to sustain
  • Home based
  • No risk for investment - no management fees whatsoever
  • Exclusive territory
  • An exciting product in demand
  • Clean, simple, easy and quick to install
  • Requires no knowledge of vehicle tyres
  • Does not require exceptional physical strength
  • Can be done by both sexes of any stature
  • Can be done part time or full time
  • Massive market everywhere, and all around you
  • The full package to go into business from day one

In short...

We have a unique product. The market place is VAST. There is the opportunity for repeat business year after year. No experience necessary – the Puncturesafe system is very easy to learn. The Puncturesafe business is unique, in as much it has a lot to offer...

Exclusive Distributor Package:

The cost of the start up package is £2998 + vat and that's all you pay - nothing more, no fees or hidden charges because we only succeed if you do. As an exclusive installer, you will have the exclusive wholesale prices to distribute or install the Puncturesafe product in a mobile capacity within your postcode area with the workshop drum. You may also trade as a wholesaler and set up installation centres, within the trade sectors, like tyre garages, motorcycle dealers, car main dealerships etc, or end users such as fleet operators like parcel delivery companies, taxi operators and haulage contractors etc.

You go straight into a ready made business because we have already done all the work for you. We have put a good packages together with excellent promotional and marketing material. As an International Company with huge buying power this will cost you a fraction of what you would expect to pay for it.

Training and Support:

After securing your exclusive area, you are not on your own because during the early stages we can provide full back up support to get you up and running with the minimum of fuss. We have the technical and marketing expertise at head office to take the strain off you in the important start up process, thereby enabling you to move forward with confidence.

The Puncturesafe UK, management and technical, can support you in the beginning, and as your business grows knowing what you do, and how and when you do it, comes from experience which Puncturesafe UK will willingly share with you. As an additional feature we will share information and/or business knowledge through our growing network of distributors. We also pass all leads on to our distributors that come in to Head Office.

Daily Mirror feature of the 10th June 2010, re Jeremy Smith, one of our exclusive distributors...

“I was a director in a direct sales business but Puncturesafe offered a chance to get into a business I believed in and saw plenty of potential for,” said Jeremy, 38, from Richmond, North York's.

He became one of the first Puncturesafe franchisees when he bought the distribution rights for East Yorkshire in April and is now busy building up business across the north of England. “It’s a very simple product and the firm offered excellent technical support to back me up. I’m building up a good client base in car and motorcycle dealers, garages, and caravan and motor home business,” he said. Investing in Puncturesafe takes an initial £3,500 to buy territorial rights, but anyone thinking of setting up as a distributor will need extra cash to cover setting up costs of any normal business.

However, there’s no need to buy expensive premises as the key is to be able to go out and sell the treatment. “My background in sales has helped me tremendously,” said Jeremy, who reckons someone working hard at the business could earn around £60,000 in a year.

He said one of the system’s key advantages is that there is nothing else like it on the market - so there is no direct competition to worry about. “But the key is to know how to organise yourself and be prepared to work hard,” he said. “The company provides the technical support but you have to put the work in.”

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