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TFS Money

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TFS Loans Processing - The UK's largest Financial Services Franchise

We are the UK’s most comprehensive financial services franchise, now in our second year of continuous growth and development we are recruiting franchisees who are seeking a rewarding and worthwhile career in a business that will provide them with professional credibility as well as consistent high returns.
TFS Loans Processing is based in the highly lucrative financial services industry, we do not sell fad products that have a limited appeal or shelf life, our products and services are sought after by literally millions of people every day and throughout numerous stages of their lives. Our products and services are in tune with needs of the majority of UK residents and we do not limit ourselves to only being able to provide help in a few basic or unregulated areas of finance.
Our business model is unique and is pure simplicity, we enable people with no industry experience or qualifications to attract enquiries for thousands of products in over 30 different areas of finance, the key to our success is that all our franchisees have to do is simply refer clients to us. There is no need for in depth product knowledge, no need to make sales, and no lengthy forms or paperwork.
Provide valuable local help, advice and services that people and businesses really want and need. Earn £30,000+ part time, £60,000+ full time and over £150,000 as a joint or team venture.

Our Products and Services

Here are just a few of the products and services that you can offer through this franchise, this is not an exhaustive list as we are are continually adding new products and services that meet the demands of our customers and our franchisees.

Personal Finance:

Unsecured Loans, guarantor loans, secured loans, payday loans, car finance.

FSA regulated products:

Mortgages, Re-mortgages, first time buyers, non investment insurance, general insurance.

Commercial Services:

Buy to let mortgages, commercial mortgages, bridging loans, commercial loans, asset backed finance, invoice factoring, spot factoring.

Debt Services:

Debt management, IVA's, bankruptcy, trust deeds, debt relief orders, tax debts.

Retirement Planning:

Wills, estate planning, asset protection (care home fee avoidance), pre-paid funeral plans, IHT planning.

Other Services:

PPI claims

The Franchise Package

For £5,995 including VAT we offer a flexible and low cost business opportunity with no monthly fees. Work on a part time basis from as little as 2-3 hours per day, operate it full time or even build a team. There are no minimum or maximum amounts of business that can be written, and we do not impose any earnings caps. To get you started we provide you with business cards, an e-mail account, a high quality website and headed paper, everything that you need to ensure that you are an official representative of an authorised and regulated finance brokerage. You will not be required to purchase or apply for any licences or permissions as you will operate under ours. We provide this opportunity on the basis that it can be operated from home, an office or a shop or even as an enhancement to an existing business. We do not impose any geographical restrictions or territories with this franchise as we are providing multiple products to a vast demographic of individuals, almost every resident in the UK over the age of 18 has a need for at least one of our products or services and sometimes they need several.

The Business Model

All we want our franchisees to do is make local people and businesses aware of the help that we can provide to them, different businesses will have different types of clients with very different needs, for example: an accountant can produce commercial finance enquiries, an estate agent can produce mortgage enquiries, retailers or shop keepers produce personal finance enquiries, driving schools can provide car finance enquiries and you can attract direct enquiries for financial help by placing posters or leaflets in prominent locations such as shopping centres, post offices, supermarkets or employers noticeboards. There are obviously many more opportunities out there, and we provide you with the training and support to recognise and maximise these opportunities. Most people don’t trust the banks or have been refused by them, this franchise provides an alternative assistance service from providers that really do want to help.

Do you want to know more?

It is impossible to explain in detail everything that we do here at TFS Loans Processing in this simple advert, so if you want to know more about working with our progressive business model that not only recognises and rewards your importance, but is also banking on your success, please complete the enquiry form below and one of our senior management team will contact you for a preliminary chat.

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