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CityLocal Home Business & Franchise

CityLocal enables entrepreneurs to create a repeat income stream quickly managing a home business. With franchise fees starting from just £5750 and going upto £13,900, this is low cost opportunity with huge potential.

Working from home, with the full support of our head office, we will ensure you successfully launch your new web based business in the shortest possible time. We offer comprehensive training so no previous experience is required, enabling you to be totally independent, very quickly.

Own a Super, Simple & Established CityLocal Business

Since 2006, we have developed a complete package of products and services specifically aimed at promoting local businesses on the internet, including social media and other online platforms.

It’s a super, simple & established business model which is comfortably operated from home, requiring only a laptop, broadband connection and a mobile telephone. You do the work once, and get paid monthly, every month, even when on holiday or unwell.

After the initial franchise fee, there is no stockholding required, and no further investments or additional costs in year one, so you can focus all your time on building that repeat income stream which we all need.

Help local businesses get new customers. They appear on our website and now on our Smartphone App, in which they can have a "Mini App".

Online advertising spending in the UK has overtaken TV and now with our Smartphone App, you can earn serious money, offering premium listings, "Mini Apps", Banner Adverts & more.

How much will the franchise cost? £5750 to £13950 based on how large your town or city is.

Our franchisees offer the following services: Free and Premium Business Listings, Banners and Page Sponsorships, Spotlights and Voucher Spotlights, Website Builds & Door Drops.

How long will is the initial franchise agreement for?

5 Years – (no charge for renewal for a further 5 years at end of initial 5 years).

What does the initial franchise fee include?

3 Days Compressive Training Programme, Unlimited Support and Marketing Advice, Freephone Help Number, Email Support and Support provided via Skype. 

All franchisees also get an introduction pack consisting of 1000 business cards, 1000 marketing brochures, Email PDFs, Letterheads, Operators Manual, Marketing Manual and Networking Manual.

If you would like a franchise pack or to request further information then please fill out the form below.

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