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S4YC Sport 4 Your Community

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The S4YC Sport 4 Your Community Franchise Opportunity

If you want to be your own boss, work the hours you want and earn a great income while getting support and advice from one of the most established childcare and sports providers in the country - then a S4YC franchise will be perfect for you.

We are one of the biggest success stories in our market sector, so if you want to own a successful sports education and childcare company contact us now! 

Government grants are available for all schools who operate the pre, after and school holiday services supplied by S4YC. Every school we have worked with has benefited from our assistance in obtaining this grant funding which can be up to £10,000. This means you are able to build a strong relationship with the schools in your franchise area and ultimately build a very profitable and above all enjoyable business.

What We Expect Our Franchisees To Be Earning

All of the earnings forecast can be extended with other business opportunities available within our franchise areas, including -  sports clubs, lunch cover, community groups, birthday parties, coaching, local authority events, disadvantaged groups and many other potential revenue streams.
There is absolutely no reason why our franchisee should not be earning in excess of £184,000 in their first year never mind their 3rd year. All our estimated earnings are based on the minimum amount of work desired to achieve these figures, obviously the more you increase your workload the greater your earning potential. 

Grants can be obtained for any and every school, this is an easy way to ensure maximum amount of guaranteed money. 
Each school can obtain a grant of up to 10,000 per year which could fund up to 3 clubs a week per school for 12 months.
Therefore 5 grants would get you an after school club, lunch club and breakfast club everyday which would generate a total income of £34,125 for just 3 hours coaching per day for just 39 weeks per year, and what's more S4YC have a specialist team that can help to obtain the funding for you and the schools.

What We Provide

Use of the S4YC business model and S4YC brand name

You will be allocated a franchise territory of your own

Operations manual 

You will be supplied with a modern, innovative and attractive web-site 

A full training package which continues throughout the duration of the franchise agreement

An accredited and nationally recognised child protection qualification

An accredited and nationally recognised sports education qualification

Full sets of branded uniform and a full set of coaching equipment

You will have access to our specialist services with regard to enabling schools to apply for the available much much more


Q. I have no previous experience of the sports education and childcare industry or even running my own business, would this be a problem.

A. Because of the training and mentoring system we have carefully developed you need no previous experience in terms of the sports & child care industry. We train you in all aspects of the business and our ongoing training and support ensures you are always fully aware of new developments or training issues within the industry.
We believe in heavily investing in the education and development of our staff and franchisees, and are able to deliver a far higher standard of coaching/childcare than any of our competitors. We guide you to deliver all main stream sports and also performing arts from dance through to drama. Franchisees receive excellent training, back up and continuing support in all areas of the business, as well as a comprehensive start-up package of equipment and activities. 

Q. What sort of money am I likely to earn by running my own S4YC franchise business?

A. This is a growth market unaffected by the recession and if anything benefiting from the increased need for pre and after school clubs as more and more families need to work longer hours. School holidays are no longer a time for parents to "take time off" as many are unable to and cannot afford not to work. The holiday clubs you will operate are fantastically profitable and along with all the other services you are able to offer, means your earning potential is great.

For example if you break down your earning potential for your first year of business and all you would need to do to earn in excess of £86,000

Sports Education Services  In your first year of operation we would expect any franchisee to be doing a minimum of a breakfast club and after school club each day which would result in income of anything up to £29,250 a year (figures based only on 39 term time weeks only)

Child Care ServicesFor a child care setting we would expect between 10-15 children per session in year 1 which is anything up to 40,950 in term time plus the same amount of children each week of half term which is up to £18000, totalling up to 58,190 per year

= £87,440 income for your firat year of operation working on the above figures and numbers which are really a minimum.

By year 3 we expect you to be earning at least £184,000 per year.
See our full breakdown of your earningpotential on our projected franchise earnings page at the below link.

Q. The earning potential looks fantastic and you detail what clubs i will need to operate to earn what you say I can but I am worried about getting started and getting these pre and after school clubs set up, do you help.

A. The main thing to remember when running your own S4YC franchise is that it is your own business but you are never alone. We offer a support structure which we believe is second to none. We appreciate that the most difficult time for franchisees is at the beginning of their franchise and getting their first "customers" is vitally important.
Once you have your first clubs set up you are earning which then allows you to build more partnerships with schools and therefore expand your business and earning potential. This is why at the start of your franchise we give you 3 days of support in your area which will include a senior member of S4YC helping to arrange and attend as many meetings with as many schools as is possible, we will provide you with support on possible grants to help the schools and yourself fund work and kick start your business.
This personal one to one support will ensure you start your franchise with clubs already set up and means you are earning a good income from your business quickly. Seeing in person how the meetings with schools are conducted and the whole system in action is, we believe, the best training you can get.


Territories are available throughout the UK and Ireland.

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