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@Futsal Group Ltd

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Leading the Way - Business & Football Working together

If you’re looking to make sport your business, would like to make a difference to your community and make good money, then have a look at an @Futsal 5-a-side Football franchise. 

Get in early to a rapidly expanding market, running 5-a-side Futsal leagues and tournaments for adults, kids and businesses in your local area.

No experience is required as full training is given by the UK’s market leader; it’s easy to set up and can be very profitable quickly.  

About @Futsal


@Futsal are the UK's leading provider or Futsal 5-a-side football and have a passion for extending the game into every community in the UK and Ireland.

We are a mulit-million pound organisation and centrally we run Futsal arena's that have hundreds of teams of all ages, gender and ability levels playing every week and proudly have the largest Futsal arena in Europe as our head office in Birmingham.

We have partnerships with all the main players in the football industry, most notably the Premier League, The Football League and the FA.


In case you didn't know, Futsal is an exciting, fast-paced version of 5-a-side that is huge all around the world and is about to explode in the UK as it's backed by FIFA, UEFA and the FA as their chosen version of small-sided football with professional leagues around the world featuring household names like FC Barcelona, European club tournaments like the Champions League and major international tournaments like the World Cup and European championships. It is also scheduled to be an Olympic sport in 2016.


The video below will help you understand the game more if you aren't familiar with it: 


It's the version of the game which has developed all the amazing South American and Spanish players we have seen light up our screens from Pele and Carlos Alberto back in the day to the modern genuises such as Xavi, Iniesta and the probably the worlds best ever player - Lionel Messi!



The concept

The concept is really simple, we have set up a licenced partner programme so that franchisees can do what we do in our arena's - Run Futsal Leagues and Tournaments!

A licenced partner will use our brand, training, support, materials, tools, IT systems, marketing models, be able to tap into our expert staff and everything we've perfected over a number of years to run their own local Futsal leagues and tournaments, only without the huge overhead of an arena.  They'll do it using local facilities thereby keeping their investment and on-going costs to a minimum.

It's designed to be an extremely flexible franchise to fit around what you want to achieve from it so it can be run part-time or full-time, owner operated or management franchise and in a number of business structures.

The simple video below gives you a bit more information on the concept and what it involves:


Earning potential

5-a-side football in the UK is huge, with more people playing regularly than any other sport.  

Teams will pay good money each week to play 5-a-side Futsal in a professional, structured and organised league.

The potential in each area is to be able to work with 80+ teams a week and be running monthly tournaments giving you a business with a turnover in excess of £120,000 per year with a fantastic profit margin.

Because we are looking for the right people, we are happy for people to start off small, perhaps on a part-time basis in conjunction with a full-time job or another business and grow it gradually if those circumstances suit.

Alternatively and equally, those in the fortunate position to be able to do so can start full-time and the growth of their business will be much quicker and they are likely to be able to offer a wider array of products.

The market

Football is the UK's number 1 sport with an estimated 2.1M people playing and this is replicated globally where in most countries it is the number one played, viewed and sponsored sport.

More people pay to play 5-a-side now than play the traditional 11-a-side form of the game due to the ease of accessability with several listed companies worth in excess of £100M operating in this sector.

Futsal is the most popular small-sided version of the game around the world with around 30million people playing and is the fastest growing indoor sport across the globe.

This is only set to grow with the support of FIFA, UEFA and the FA, along with the advent of professional leagues and tournaments around the world.

Anyone who plays or has played Football will appreciate playing Futsal as it the best version of small-sided football, is suitable to both adults and kids, boys and girls and all ability levels.

There's a big push through government funding to get more people active and Futsal is a great way for kids and adults to get and stay fit.

The trick is getting them down once, after that they appreciate the @Futsal experience that we give them players and teams come back for years at a time in some cases.

What do you get as an @Futsal Licenced Partner?

  • A proven model
  • Really low cost entry of as low as £1800
  • Fantastic revenue and profit potential
  • The backing of the UK’s number 1 brand in this sector
  • Huge Opportunity for growth, even potentially into your own purpose-built facility
  • Market-leading, intensive training, and extensive yet innovative support from a local arena to tap into as much as required
  • The opportunity to get into a rapidly expanding market
  • A low-cost marketing model that delivers long-term customers
  • The ability to start part-time or full-time, depending on your circumstances
  • A rewarding business, socially, emotionally and financially

The costs

There's an up-front licence cost of £1500+VAT which equates to £1800 for your 3 year licence, all your kit, equipment, training and materials.

There's a small support fee of £100 p.m. for all the on-going support and training you'll require.

Then there's a small per game per team charge which comes out of the fees you take from these teams so that we are incentivised to help you work with as many teams as possible to help you achieve what you want from the operation.

We've designed it deliberately so that it's really low-cost entry so that we can select candidates based on their ability to do well not just the ability to pay and structured the on-going fees so they are also low-cost but there's a real incentive to help you grow to as big as you can possibly be through our market-leading, pro-active, efficient support structures.


Are you suitable to join this winning team?

@Futsal are looking for motivated, passionate people to run as licenced partners.  All training is given in every aspect of running the business so all the partner needs to do is put in the effort and follow the guidelines to become successful.

Partners must be motivated, a self-starter, be able to act professional in all their interactions and with the ability to communicate well with others.


If you feel you fit the bill, are up to the challenge and are serious about making a living out of something you'll love then get in touch and we'll send you all the information with a view to you coming on a discovery day to one of our arena's to find out if it's the right thing for you and for us to assess you as a candidate.

If you would like a franchise pack or to request further information then please fill out the form below.

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