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Rita’s Italian Ice

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Rita’s is currently seeking franchisees for developing in primary and secondary markets. We are also seeking well-capitalized candidates for multi-outlet development to continue our expansion throughout the United States and Master Franchisees for our International Expansion.


Multi-Outlet Development:

Rita’s multi-outlet development method offers the opportunity for an individual to purchase a minimum of five outlets. This package consists of one standard production outlet, three fixed satellite outlets and one mobile outlet (cart, trailer or truck). All satellite and mobile outlets are supported by the main production outlet and are within reasonable proximity of the main production outlet.


International Expansion:

Rita’s has developed an international business model that focuses on collaborating with qualified “Master Franchise” candidates who have the resources to acquire the license to open and operate our Rita’s franchise concept in a designated country or region. The Master Franchisee has the option of developing the business or developing through their own subsidiaries and network of independent operators. Master Franchising with Rita’s allows people or corporations to purchase the rights to sub-franchise within a certain territory. This allows the master franchisee the opportunity to grow a decent business in a fairly short time frame. Rita’s is currently offering Master Franchise opportunities internationally in most countries.




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