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Sport Works

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The Sport Works Franchise

Deliver award winning, innovative programmes
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local authority contracts 

Why We Love Making A Difference

Sport Works is an award-winning provider of sport, exercise and educational programmes. Harnessing the power of sport, our work is focused on improving health and education and contributing to a fitter, more prosperous society.

After five years of solid growth in the North East of England, Sport Works launched its franchise opportunity in April 2013.  As of February 2014, we are proud to have seven franchise partners trading successfully throughout the UK (although we expect this number to grow considerably!).

Our programmes are not only energetic, educational and lots of fun, they are underpinned by solid educational principles. This means that children and adults at our sessions can expect to develop skills and knowledge and achieve qualifications that will last a lifetime.

Your Position

As a franchise owner you’ll manage several local authority regions in and around where you live and be the local face of our fast growing brand. You’ll employ local sports coaches and educational tutors and make sure that they are maintaining the highest possible standards whilst delivering what is required within each contract.


This means that although you’ll attend some programmes and occasionally lead from the front, your primary role is overseeing the implementation of what Sport Works does at a local level. 


Your Customers

Unlike many organisations in the sector, Sport Works operates several projects, each designed for niche groups of children and adults and funded mainly via local authorities, schools and the NHS. Our work comprises of both specialist sports coaching projects and educational work for disadvantaged groups.


Your Earning Potential

Your franchise can easily be run on a part-time or full-time basis, either as a standalone venture or alongside your current occupation.  The value of the contracts we deliver ranges from £20,000 to £100,000 per year and our first franchisees are on course to turnover six figures within their first year of trading.

Our lean business model means that you will generally enjoy a profit of approximately 50% even though your coaches and tutors are delivering the programmes.  This provides a predictable income stream, typically over a two to three year period per contract without the worry of bad debt!

Within each Sport Works area you have the potential to scale the business up significantly should you want to, which means that our franchise is suitable for go getting entrepreneurs as well as sole traders who wish to work flexible hours.

Your Training & Support

Sport Works has a carefully structured business blueprint and you’ll learn the core elements of what we do during a two-day initial training course at our Head Office inNewcastle upon Tyne.

Once your initial training is complete you can then refine what you have learnt in your own area while the business experts in our Head Office provide you with both face-to-face and online training and support at the pace you wish to grow.


Your Marketing

You’ll actively promote the programmes to your clients and in many cases you’ll benefit from proactive help and support from your local authority departments who will publicise the programmes for you using their own customer database. In addition we’ll teach you how to gain attendance for each session, covering details such as venue selection and finding the right staff.


Our central marketing efforts include social media, telemarketing, website content and our carefully designed tendering and contract documentation.


Other Rewards

Our work is highly varied and really makes a difference to society. When you work within such a positive and engaging environment your experience as a business owner has rewards that are not measured purely in financial terms. Your job satisfaction comes free! 

Our introductory franchise fee, which will be ending in June 2014 following 12 exciting months of franchise growth, is only £7750 and one of the most competitive in the sector.

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