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IRUN Solutions Ltd

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Are You Comfortable In A Professional B2B Business Environment?

Are you an experienced business person?  Do you have sales or marketing knowledge you could use to help business owners increase sales and profitability?  Would you like to be well remunerated for doing so?

If you are ready to realise your full potential, and you are able to work with directors and owners of businesses large and small, the Online Marketing opportunity is huge and very poorly understood.

  • Most suppliers focus on selling the technology, but fail to recognise or even discuss the underlying business issues they need to solve.

  • Businesses buy partial or incomplete solutions that maximise the suppliers up front profits, but don’t deliver long term value for anyone.

  • Business owners and managers typically have little or no understanding of what they need and they are frequently frightened of the technology. 

  • Experts who understand both the tools AND business are welcomed by business owners who are relieved to find someone who really understands the challenges they battle with every day.

As an IRUN Franchisee you will be ‘the’ Businesspeople working Development specialist, with expert knowledge of the tools and techniques necessary to grow sales and profits in a controlled and predictable manner.




As an IRUN franchisee you'll discover..


  • A huge number of potential customers in desperate need of your services.
  • Selling a unique offering with very weak competition.
  • Continually growing your customer base and residual income.
  • Capitalising on a successful track record.


  • Enjoying what you do and being paid what you are really worth.
  • Choosing when to work and who to work with.
  • Working with a team of highly motivated professionals.
  • Being a trusted advisor and enjoying great client relationships.

If you can talk with confidence to business owners and managers, establish rapport, help them deploy and use the tools and services they need to increase sales and profits, you will be very much in demand.

A proven business opportunity…

I’ve been part of IRUN for over 3 years and have seen the company progress from just selling marketing tools through to providing a full range of marketing services for businesses big and small. What I’ve benefited from most is being part of a strong community of like minded business owners and the support from a head office team dedicated to seeing me succeed. 

Peter Lisney
IRUN Shrewsbury



IRUN has been helping owners of businesses large and small, increase sales and reduce costs since 2005.  It goes without saying, if you increase sales and / or decrease costs, profits inevitably rise.  


IRUN was founded not by technical geeks, but by seasoned business people with extensive experience in management, sales, and business development.  There are thousands of companies offering marketing services, but few deliver what business owners really need…

  • Business growth tools and services that deliver a substantial Return on Investment, (ROI), put another way; generate much more than they cost.
  • A bundle of products, services and advice that deliver a total solution for clients, leaving them free to concentrate on looking after customers.
  • A provider focused not on ‘making a quick buck’, but someone to work and grow with them in long term partnership.

If this sounds like the sort of challenge you would excel at, you can look forward to the following…

  • Developing your own Internet Marketing Business with truly uncapped growth potential.
  • Building a business that runs itself, leaving you to do what you’re best at.
  • Delivering a total package including advice, business development tools and ongoing management.  This is exactly what Business Owners and Managers want and need…


What Business Owners and Managers WANT:

handshakeBusiness owners and managers WANT someone to help them understand what needs to be done, and then someone to make it all happen efficiently and in a cost effective manner.


What Business Owners and Managers DON’T WANT:

Business owners and managers DON’T WANT to pay for tools and services that don’t deliver leaving them covering all the costs and receiving no return on investment.



An IRUN Franchisee delivers what business owners and managers want; the tools they need and the ongoing services necessary to make sure they are used effectively.  IRUN Franchisees are intensively trained and mentored on the process and the tools, they then work with their Consulting partners to deploy the tools and services clients need.



Ongoing management services are delivered by IRUN HO - all you need to do is to raise your invoice and collect your payments each month.  This leaves you free to focus on securing more business and building your client base

Think about it, what options does a business owner have?

  • DIY – They typically have neither the time nor the knowledge.
  • Work with a supplier who delivers a partial solution that does not deliver.
  • Work with IRUN and get a long term business growth partnership.

The choice is obvious…

Your Investment Options:


As a franchisee you have two main options open to you; a Geographic Franchise, or if you have the right background a Strategic Franchise may be more appropriate.

Your base investment to secure an IRUN franchise is only £7,495 plus the cost of the exclusive territory valued at £1 per business.

Geographic Franchise: 
Typical Investment £17,495 (+VAT).

Develop your reputation as ‘the’ business development expert and be known as the ‘the one to call when you need to boost sales and profitability’. 

As the local business development expert, your clients pay for your help in specifying and project managing delivery of the tools and services needed to increase sales and profits.  You generate your income from sales during the initial phase of each project and more importantly you get paid for the tools and services business owners need month after month.

A typical geographic territory is defined by post code and consists of approximately 10,000 businesses. As you increase your client base and your recurring monthly income grows you will want to find consultants to work with.  Consultants deliver the ‘time’ your clients need leaving you free to focus on developing your business.

Strategic Franchise: 
Typical Investment £9,495 (+VAT).

If you have specialist knowledge and experience of one or other industry sector this option may be right for you.  In addition to working with your own clients you will work in partnership with the whole IRUN network and other Franchisees and their Consultants become your extended sales force, a real Win Win relationship.


As the specialist you will develop tailored solutions (and associated training) which is then sold to, and more importantly, sold by the nationwide IRUN network allowing you to work smarter rather than harder, and to pick and choose those clients you really want to work with.






At the end of your residential training and the 16 week mentoring program you will know for sure how successful you are going to be as an IRUN Franchisee.

training day cropped




If you feel you have made a mistake at the end of the 16 week mentoring period simply say so!  We will be happy refund your investment.*



* Less the direct cost incurred in delivering your training and mentoring. For example, this would include the cost of food and accommodation, but you would not be charged for your training or for the time your mentor spends working with you.




What do I do next?

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