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Aspray Ltd

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A career as an Aspray franchisee is not by any means for everyone and we don’t accept “just anyone” either. Ideally, you will already have a successful career and will have demonstrated significant project management skills and or man management skills.

The reality of it

The rewards are there if you are happy to work for them.If you areto invest in a franchise which is the largest of its kind in the UK, then you are expected to be a hardworking individual. The reality of your franchise experiencewill reflect on the income and the work and effort which you will be expected to demonstrate.

Your background

Your ideal background will be either project management, QS, financial services, building maintenance or management. However, applicants from other backgrounds will also be considered provided they can demonstrate the skills required to perform the role, and a “self-employed” mentality.

What we are looking for

To protect our business integrity and to conform to the regulatory requirements our selection process is rigorous. We look for individuals with:

  • High personal integrity.
  • High standards of people management and communication.
  • Ability to display financial acumen.
  • A willingness to learn a new business and through ongoing personal development adapt to changes in the market.
  • A customer care priority.
  • A willingness to share best practice and be involved and contribute to the growth of the Aspray business.

You will not need previous experience of franchising or the building trade. In fact not having this experience can work in your favour as you will learn our business blueprint without being influenced by other, less successful formulas.

Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is rigorous.When you purchase a franchise you have the opportunity to operate a proven business model. Much expertise and support is available with the head office teams as you progress through our recruitment process. You as an individual just have to make the first step and book on to a discovery evening.

Discovery Evening!

Our unique discovery evenings are the perfect opportunity to gain an introduction to the Aspray franchise proposition. 

The discovery evening is designed to not only enable you to create a greater understanding of the Aspray franchise business proposition but, just as importantly it also allows Aspray to begin to assess your suitability as an Aspray franchisee. The seminar will conclude with you having the opportunity to partake in a one-to-one chat with a member of the management team, if selected! If our senior management team are certain that the Aspray franchise is right for you, then you will be guided through the next steps of our recruitment process.

How much does it cost?

Aspray’sone-off franchise fee is £37,500 plus VAT payable when the franchise agreement is signed. On target earnings of £80,000 - £120,000 are realistic for established franchises with good profit margins and the opportunity for successful franchisees to expand to other territories after at least 1 years trading.


You can feel reassured that Aspray are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, who regulate the financial services industry in the UK.Aspray are also full members of the British Franchise Association. The BFA is the voluntary self-regulating governing body for franchising.

Up and coming Seminar Dates

  • Thursday 14th January  - Birmingham 7pm-9pm

  • Thursday 28th January  - Aylesbury 7pm-9pm (The venue has been changed from Birmingham to Aylesbury)

  • Saturday 6th February - Darwen - 10am-12pm


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